International Property Scandal
Property investment with criminal intent, fraudulent and corrupt. Designed to reap the maximum profit for the promoter and others
while taking your money with little or nothing to show for it.
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I have written several blogs about my experience, and the last one has started with the character flaw of “Arrogance.”  Click on the link above to read the full article. Very appropriately as far as I am concerned, the arrogances of Darragh MacAnthony and Dominic Pickering, and the board of directors from the now demised company MRI. When mixed with pride and ignorance, which resulted in wealth gain through the corporate machine, a truly wicked personality emerges. Wicked or even “Evil.” A word that means, “deliberate intent to harm or deprive others.” Look it up in the dictionary, the word covers a lot more than just the extreme that most will associate it with.  Now we have defined its nature; the written word appears to be the only tool left to use against these lovers who lust for power and wealth.   

One could assume that an image of "Evil," would take on the guise of something more tangible and visual, such as the MRI corporate operation and its board of directors. One can instantly and unmistakably see the similar traits; threats and a brutish mentality, greed, corruption, scheming mentality to commit fraud, a lack of compassion for others, arrogance in abundance, and selfish pride coupled with contempt, creating a very, very black heart.

As I have mentioned, I have written several blogs about my experience, each touching on a distinctive aspect of that experienced. I have attempted to explain them from different or unusual angles hoping to get to the root of the complexity and the effect it has had on my life. I have gathered some of those together into this one space. Each one of the links in the navigation was a separate blog, but now is a page in this presentation.

I lost my home through corporate corruption, a syndicate of companies, which are highlighted in these pages. Which inspired me to write my book Burning Down The Bricks. If you are considering an international property investment, this could save you a lot of cash and heartache if you read this first, it is worth the £1.99. Avoid the traps that I fell into, remember I lost my home, and I am not the first, and neither will I be the last. Find it on Amazon. Alternatively, get the PDF from my site:

You do not have to buy the book, work through the pages in this blog and you will get some idea of my situation.


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