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Kitten Rescue
Birth Place Collection
Life Wild Collection
Growing Up Collection
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Doodle Poisoned
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The Cat and Kitten Gallery

KITTEN RESCUE images - these young kittens have been born to feral mothers and without the assistance from a kind and understanding hand, the chances are they would not be alive today. Three years ago I took in a black feral female to shelter from the winter, who then had three kittens, which I adopted. Their story will be told in EnCatlopedia when the book is finished. The next year, four, two-week old kittens were dumped on my doorstep in a box. All four have been found homes after I learnt how to feed and raise them. This year five kittens have been born to the feral mother in the grounds surrounding my home. She mothered them through the first few weeks but was undernourished and was beginning to reject them. I gave them a home outside my door and have fed both them and the mother. One died, one went to a home and twelve weeks later I still have three. Healthy and full of kitten energy, these images capture their young lives. Even though I am desperately short of cash, I have found small amounts to keep them alive and give them some quality of a life. If you would like to help, it only costs around 5 euros a week to keep them fed. More to deflea and worm them, then more to have them neutered to stop an explosion in the cat population. They will turn feral if homes are not found for them. If I can raise enough money I can continue to feed them, if not the feeding will stop in a few months when they are old enough to look after themselves. If you would like to help, use the donation button of any amount. Or buy the A4 images when available. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images. Newsletter every three months. I am not a registered charity, just someone kind enough to give a lending hand, I would appreciate any help I can get.
Birth place Collection  
Birth Place Collection (BPC)
Birth Place Collection Home form home  
Home from Home (BPC)
Birth Place Collection Mum In Light  
Mum in Light (BPC)
Birth Place collection MumMum  
MumMum (BPC)
The Wild Life collection  
Life Wild Colletion (LWC)
The Wild Life collection Boy or Girl  
Boy or Girl (LWC)
The Wild Life collection Curiosity  
Curiosity (LWC)
The Wild Life collection White is cool  
White is Cool (LWC)
The Wild Life collection Facing off  
Facing Off (LWC)
The Wild Life collection Learning the moves  
Learning The Moves (LWC)
The Wild Life collection Football anyone.  
Football Anyone (LWC)
nEye 2 Eye  
Eye 2 Eye (LWC)
Growing Up Collection - Grasses  
Grasses (GUC)
Growing Up Collection - Nap in the sun  
Nap In The Sun (GUC)
Growing Up Collection - Wall Climb Paint  
Wall Climb PAint (GUC)
Growing Up Collection  
Kitten Jump(GUC)
Growing Up Collection  
Tussle Top (GUC)
Growing Up Collection  
First Up Tree(GUC)
Growing Up Collection  
Wanna Dance (GUC)
Growing Up Collection  
Ha! That's Funny (GUC)
Delilah Original (No link)
All arses and Tails (No link)
Good Manners (No link)
Sound Asleep (No link)
Tube (No link)
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