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The kittens are now over three months old, this page records some of their on-going activities and playful
investigations into cat life.

Balance is everything - great view from up here. Get a move on,
your holding up the traffic
How am I doing - are you watching?
Beach Stalk
Stalking on the beach Grasses, tall grasses everywhere, are you sure we know where we are?
Beach Stroll just the two of us
The Three Muskekittens Beach stroll, just the two of us
Whats Up
Sniff sniff- whats up? Framed in Stone, Sky and a Glow.

The cost of feeding this family per week averages around 5 Euros, canned and dried feed. Buying one set of images gives them food for one week. All images are of a standard A4 paper size, between 2mb and 6mb JPEG file size depending on the colour content. All will print quality sized images that can be framed or resized up to an A3 or down to an A5 in a descent photo editor. The quality of the printout depends on your printer. Please consider buying this collection or one of the others which come in a downloadable ZIP file, the link will be sent after payment has been received. Or, if you do not want the images please consider a donation.

I am not a registered charity, only a private individual; if you feel uncomfortable giving then I can be contacted at any time through the e-mail links from this site, or Skype on st.l.warburton.

  The Collection - - - Set of 10 - A4 JPEG images as above - Download zip file.     coming soon
    Purchase licence agreement for all images are for domestic and private use only and cannot be used for any further financial or commercial gain. The licence does not permit any further digital or non digital editing other than resizing or making copies, without prior WRITTEN consent from In Private Conversation.

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