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2013- sometime in July, feral mother gives birth to five kittens somewhere in the grounds around my home.


Under the watchful eye of mum, somewhere around four weeks old, the kittens getting braver and not hiding so much, and beginning to trust after feeding for a while. A bit difficult to locate sometimes as mother moves them around to different places. One day under a bush, the next on top of a roof or in some sheltered but accessible storage place, or anywhere she deems safe from meddling hands around these large grounds.

She is well undernourished to produce milk for five hungry kittens, and has already started rejecting them. Feeding helps her to produce more milk, feeding kittens makes them not so demanding. They take to solid food very quickly even though it is still a bit difficult for them as their teeth have not yet fully developed. Communal meal time gets a bit like a scrum. SCROLL OVER the image to view a painting style version.


So, after much experimentation a plastic dog kennel; one recued cat box from a dumpster, a chair with a box underneath, one dry food cat feeder, feeding bowl, tree and flowers were turned into a safer and more stable home. Soft towels placed in each to keep them warm. Out of the three, the box under the chair seems to be preferred. Mum visits every night, and during the day sometimes. They cuddle up as a family in the box when inactive or during bad weather.

This gives the female the experience of her motherhood, and the kittens a mother to relate to, and they get fed twice a day. One kitten has already gone to a home, one tragically died when it somehow got out onto the road, leaving the three now twelve weeks old captured in this painting style image. They will hopefully and eventually drift as they get older, but they will still need feeding for another three months before this support is withdrawn.

Taking it easy now she has found a way to secure the future of her offspring. To say that all was of my own doing is not strictly correct. She had dumped her children on my doorstep on many a morning. I could hear her calls to the young ones long before I would rise. The constant battle of removing them before feeding spanned over many weeks before I gave in. Difficult not to succumb, you have the story so far. These kittens would not have got this far without help. Weak and hungry, would have died undernourished as their body temperatures would have dropped to a dangerous level. The cost of neutering her needs to be met to stop the process happening again in six month’s time. Child birth twice a year is dangerous for her health, and the kittens stand little chance of any life.
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The cost of feeding this family per week averages around 5 Euros, canned and dried feed. Buying one set of images gives them food for one week. All images are of a standard A4 paper size, between 2mb and 6mb JPEG file size depending on the colour content. All will print quality sized images that can be framed or resized up to an A3 or down to an A5 in a descent photo editor. The quality of the printout depends on your printer. Please consider buying this collection or one of the others which come in a downloadable ZIP file, the link will be sent after payment has been received. Or, if you do not want the images please consider a donation.

I am not a registered charity, only a private individual; if you feel uncomfortable giving then I can be contacted at any time through the e-mail links from this site, or Skype on st.l.warburton.

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