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Call it what you like, lack of inspiration, writers block, laziness, thee projects never completed. It does not mean that they never will be completed; they just have not until this present moment.

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Will this book ever be finished. Who knows?
EnCatlopedia flipbook

So, "In Private Conversation" started with the writing of EnCatlopedia. It was intended to be the first of several, but was put aside to complete something more important. I reasoned that Burning Down the Bricks and its story needed to be told first. As Something Wonderful was only a short book, it ousted it out into third place, then got ousted again into fourth place to finish - Tears From The Heart, the next book on this page. EnCatlopedia has gone through substantial development since its initial conception in the middle of 2013. Maybe, this is why the delay has occurred, because of the fresh ideas that come about. These ideas needed time to come into fruition, in the sense that they have not happened at the time of the first edition. As time passes, stories take shape that mould EnCatlopedia into a complete work. The flipbook preview is now only a shadow of what the finished work will look like.

EnCatlopedia is all about Delilah, a feral cat from Crete and here kittens. It is the way you tell it they say when a joke does not come off with the required vocal applause. Then maybe if it is told in such a way someone might find it pleasing to read. The simplest of ideas can be the best. EnCatlopedia will materialise at some point but well

into 2014, for now just a page here and a page there, actually that is not quite how it is. EnCatlopedia is 90% written, but as I start to collate those mishmash of drafts into something readable, fresh ideas just seem to flow out onto the pages as I have explained. When I consider that, point, it means the book is only actually 60% written. Gosh! I had better get to work sharpish.
EnCatlopedia touches on and provides a little insight into the difficult life of stray cats through the story of Delilah. Rescued from a short and uncertain life span of feeding out of human garbage bins, and from contracting a multitude of diseases or terminated by human culling with rat poison. She carved out a semi-feral life within human protection, but always kept one paw in the wild. Sometimes humourless, sometimes sad, exposing the sentient and the remarkable, just because it can be and just because Delilah, she is a cat.

View the semi-proofed promotional bookflip of EnCatlopedia by clicking the book icon above. What you will read is only a glimpse, as the format has already developed into something completely different. There you go, maybe it was destined to be but further down the queue, the creative imagination needed the space to allow the ideas to be released. Alternatively, access it from any page from the quick link bar just under the main page In Private Conversation graphic. There are some html pages to read from the books link if the flipbook does not suit your taste.

Refections Off A Cretan Sea.
Free online read only - ongoing project still under development. It's only another idea.
Reflections of a Cretan Sea Flipbook

A brand new idea has recently opened up a fresh book. Of course, now in 2015 it is no longer new, just incomplete. Images from around the Island of Crete, with commentaries expressing the experience attached to the image; I hope, in a unique way. There is no rush to complete this work, so at some point it will be when it will be. Last material added in January 2013 and it could simply remain as an online flipbook to be read by any who chooses to do so. It may never reach the commercial market, or never get finished as it remains untouched as I no longer live on the Island of Crete. I like some of the art work so it will just get left here for amusement sake.

View the promotional bookflip of Reflections off A Cretan Sea by clicking the book icon to the left, or access it from any page from the quick link bar just under the main page In Private Conversation graphic.


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