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Burning Down The Bricks.
Amazon Kindle
Full version now here to read - click book icon.
Burning Down The Bricks Bookflip

The full book is now here to read and digest as a flash flipbook. The content was originally on a website; this was dismantled several years ago, and the material regurgitated and enhanced through this book. It deals with the issue of international property fraud. What is it like to lose your wealth to a corporate monster? I trusted, only to have my home stolen from underneath my feet to satisfy their rich lifestyles? Find out, read this book, could they have driven me to suicide. I have had to live through the memory of this every second for that last six years.

After selling my home in 2007, with the intention of moving to a warmer climate, I became the victim of a ruthless property market promoter. I also became a victim of their promoted lawyers and financial services. The story starts with a homeowner of a detached three bedroom dwelling, with no mortgage, and ends up with large portions of that capital in the pockets of multi-millionaires. The victim is desperately fighting off the inflicted depravity in 2014. Now supporting their luxurious lifestyles, he is haunted by the prospect of life on the streets as he moves closer and closer to homelessness unable to get back onto the property market ladder, or gain employment. The story follows the events that took places and provides insight in to many of the unseen pit falls a person will encounter.

As a warning, I do not believe BDTB is well written, I am not an accomplished writer, far from it. Maybe it should be viewed as a documentation of recorded events more than it is a story.

If you wish to comment about Burning Down The Bricks then use this special e-mail link -- BDTB contact
Something Wonderful.
Amazon Kindle

Full version now here to read - click book icon.

Something Wonderful flipbook

Our anonymous author makes an account of his experience of the Almighty through a close encounter of a biblical supernatural kind. He assesses that by dreams and visions the creator still communicates with us. Good and bad actions stimulate a response through this medium, which can indicate the eternal destination of the soul and much more. If this amazing account is to be believed, then the astounding revelation is that there really is a G-D who has not hidden away, but has been active through the centuries revealing to the human race that he really is.

View a few pages by clicking on the book icon to the left and activate the flash flipbook. A slow connection will result in an impatient wait for the flipbook to download.

Tears From The Heart - full version online flash flipbook only.
Tears from The Heart


If you have already visited Kitten Rescue from the link at the top of the left hand column, you will understand from where the inspiration and development of - Tears From The Heart came from. Composed, from a set of short, real life stories about feral cats and kittens, which over the four years I lived on the island of Crete intruded into and influenced my life. Many of the stories are sad, and it is recommended for the faint of heart to have a hanky close by. The interesting feature about this work, are the vast quantity of images that have been introduced into the text, complemented with amusing captions. You can view some of the content of the work from the flipbook preview. Remember you will need the flash player installed into you browser plugins for it to work. Install Flash Player.

TFTH was only intended to be an e-book, but as a Kindle it has proved difficult with all the images so has become soley a flipbook for the time being. Another interesting feature is that it has scope for the introduction of further articles and images, which are not necessarily the sole experience of the author. In other words, it is open for the submission of articles from any cat lover. The primarily focus are stories of feral cats, dumped, rescued, fatalities, sad, humorous, horrific, those that have become semi-domesticated or have found shelter outside or inside homes. I am particularly looking for images of scruffy dustbin cats. The scruffier and dirtier the better, but also any odd or unusual looking moggie, not necessary with a story, just an image will do. However, if there is a story behind the image, then please do not restrict yourself and get typing.

If you wish to submit any material, I have created a specific e-mail address for this very purpose, which is below. Please try to keep image sizes between 100kb and 300kb. Please do not send large MB size files. Still send if they are out of focus, I can cover that up by turning them into painting style images. Articles I will not edit if reasonably written, but if you want me to edit the text if you are not sure of grammar, then please state that you would not mind me doing some minor editing. If I feel some editing is required, I will let you know before inserting into the flipbook for your approval. I reserve the full right to make decisions on the content to be inserted into TFTH. There is no financial reward, only credit given for images and articles on the website or in the book. Tears From The Heart submit images articles or comments

Images and Words Online Flipbook Series.
Presentions - full version online flash flipbook only.
Img and Wrds Presentation flipbook


A resurrected idea from the past; I had intended to shelve Images and Words for good as another project that would never see completion. However, volume I – Presentations - is finished, and is available as an online free read in a flash flipbook only. Click on the book icon to the left to activate, or from the flipbook navigation bar, top right of each page.

I never developed fully the image section on this site, far from it, so, if it has not been removed when you get here, it soon will be. The intention is to develop a series of Images and Words with, well images. What was to be a library of my digital artwork and photographs will be presented through a flipbook series. The first is complete and is simply called – Presentations. The pages are splatter with photos and my digital artwork - the digital artist - which are enhanced by narrative of different types. The text in some instances is part of the creation; the images do not stand alone without the text. The two harmonise into a whole piece of work. At other times, the text provides information relating to the artwork. I hope you find this interesting and make your visit to this site an enjoyable experience.

Talking Walls - full version online flash flipbook only.
Imags and words Talking Walls flipbook


Some call it graffiti, but the skill of the artist is obviously present, profound statements and cultural events are reflected through the artist’s work. At times invoking, shocking, disturbing, confusing, often weird, truth and beauty portrayed as history is captured on a brick canvas, thats - Talking Walls.

One cannot help but marvel at the vivid and strong sentiments that are articulated through this form of expression. The bright and vibrant colours are hard to resist, the quality often outstanding, sometimes simple, at other times, well, just plain crude. The spray can, more often or not is the preferred brush and the canvas - brick or concrete - comes in an array of textures and locations. The artist is not limited to a can of squirt on oily substance, as you will grasp through this presentation. Paper, metal, wood, and glass are not excluded as canvas options, or as a substitute brush material. An inexhaustible array of shapes and forms add to the diversity of the creative imagination. I suppose another expression you could use to describe this unusual form of communication is, "Urban Art." A part of the created texture is the surrounding environment, so the finished work is not just a narrow central focus, a much wider lens is required to understand and grasp the full dynamics of the “Urban Artist.”

It becomes quite evident, that some of the creations presented as art are not intentional. Some urban objects defaced by coverings from unaware individuals are transformed into unintentional objects of fascination. It all depends on the eye of the beholder, what one considers an eyesore or passes by without a glance, another can see as unusual and interesting creativity.

There is plenty of scope for a better second and third "Talking walls," it is all dependent on finding those outstanding creations wherever they are in the world.

Shabbat Shalom - full version online flash flipbook only.
Shabbat Shalom flipbook



There is not a lot to say, a celebration of Shabbat with images through the production of this flipbook; with some extra added content entitled - IF ONLY!

There is music attached to this file, it can be turned off, click the sound button to mute sound after the flipbook has been activiated.

2015 Photographs
Snaps 2015 Images and Words

The flipbook idea replaces the image gallery and slideshow so often used on websites. It is a little more interactive, and the feel of reading a book more satisfying then a page of squares and sliding images from left to right, or is that right to left. It also lends itself to a more creative and artistic manner of presentation. Well, I like to think so; you can make your own mind up on how you feel about the whole experience. I have used a different type of font than one would be accustomed to in a standard book or text document. I have ensured that it is clearly readable, an artistic approach to the typical text.

There is nothing sophisticated or overly complicated about this presentation, a selection of photographs taken through the later part of 2015 while living in Birmingham UK litters the pages. If I can find something to write about any image, then I will, and hope it will enhance the presentation of each. Sit back, relax, grasp a cup of coffee, flip your way through the pages pondering whether you like, dislike, hate, find interesting or not each image. If you get bored, take a break and sip that coffee hoping the caffeine will stimulate some interest to carry on. There are just over seventy to peruse in this first flipbook presentation, which will increase as the year proceeds as I find time to deal with more.

No Barriers - Just Photographs - simply ideas.
No Barriers images and words


If you are new to photography or thinking about buying a camera, then a subconscious question will be lurking around deep within. You may well not be aware of it, but it is there. In fact, there may well be more than just one question, but several. What do I photograph? How do I photograph? What do I do with my photographs? How do I make my images interesting? There are NO BARRIERS to your creativity once these questions are answered. Most of these questions are answered through this flipbook. There is little to no textual advice, only images, a little text here and there, enough to induce understanding. Everything around you is now your canvas; you just have to view it in this new light. There is no shape or texture that cannot satisfy the creative lust. The images in this presentation help to make sense of interesting composition. Once you have mastered and conquered that everything is there to be manipulated digitally, next is to get to grips with editing. All your images will be subject to retouching in software in some way, some just tweaked, others scrunched through hours of random--well you get the idea, browse through the flipbook.

First addition now live. More to come.

Fragments of Time - Photographs - a different concept.
Fragments Of Time IAW  

This version has no content, it is only active to view how it looks when live.

In Brummagen
In Brum Images and words

This is an on-going project that has lain dormant for nearly a year, and is about to rise from the ashes into a functioning flipbook. It could be in any condition when viewed, but whatever that is, whether half finished, text missing, images missing or jumbled up, simply to move this project along it has to be published.

So here it goes, don’t expect much, not yet anyway.


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